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Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery made from ink prints

In this section is a range of ink fingerprint jewellery charms, they are ideal pieces of memorial jewellery as quite often this is the only type of print my customers have available after their loved one has died.  If you simply like this style of print and would like to collect your fingerprints this way rather than in mould that's absolutely fine.  You can learn more on my blog about the difference between ink fingerprint jewellery and mould fingerprint jewellery.  Most of the items in the moulded fingerprints jewellery category can also be made with ink prints.

Ink fingerprint jewellery works best with adult prints and ideally they should have nice clear lines.  The prints can be scanned or photographed in a high quality setting and sent to me via email.  There is no need to post the original prints. If you would like to email me a picture of your prints to look at before you order you are welcome to send them to gemma@lastingtouch.co.uk

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