Thinking of starting a fingerprint jewellery business?

I’ve been approached by several people recently asking me if I think it’s worth starting a keepsake business.

Is there any money in making keepsakes?  Aren’t there too many people doing this already? How do to deal with all the competition?

Well, the truth is I haven’t been doing it very long, but certainly I am very much enjoying running my keepsakes business and it gives me the flexibility I need and enables me to earn a small income without compromising on caring for my family.

Am I making any money with my keepsakes business?  The truthful answer is that so far I haven’t made as much as I have spent!  The kit was expensive and I only wanted to be trained by the best so I have paid quite a large amount to have access to regular training and support with my business.  I have only been in business 4 months though.

That said, I am getting orders and slowly but surely I am starting to see an increase in the income I am generating from making keepsakes.  The hardest thing about making keepsakes, especially things like fingerprint jewellery is finding customers.  Many people do not even know that fingerprint jewellery exists and so they are not searching for it online.

I have displayed my jewellery at shows and fairs and always had very positive feedback about what I do.

Is there money to be made?  Definitely, but the hard work is not in making the keepsake or fingerprint jewellery, the hard work is in getting yourself out there and getting known, but I guess that’s the same with any business.

Is the market flooded? Are there too many people offering to make fingerprint jewellery and other keepsakes?  Well, judging by the number of people I meet who have never seen it before, I think I can safely say No!  There are a lot of people selling this online, but I would advise anyone thinking about starting a fingerprint jewellery or keepsakes business to check out if anyone offers this in your local area, as that is where most of your customers will be.  Choose a mentor or trainer who isn’t going to take on anyone else close to where you want to operate.

How do I deal with competition?  Well I don’t worry about it really.  I just offer the best product and the best service that I possibly can.  I source top quality materials to make sure that the products I create are first rate, my customers also get one or two little extras (but I’m not going to share those here in case my competitors are reading!)

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