Gold Fingerprint Jewellery

Options for Gold Fingerprint Jewellery

Silver is by far the most common option for fingerprint jewellery. It is rare to find an artist who works in solid gold.
The main reason for this is the cost.  Gold clay is incredibly expensive. Around 50x more expensive than silver clay!!

So you can imagine, that if a piece of sterling silver jewellery can be produced for around £60, solid gold jewellery is going to run into £1000s!
Gold clay is also only available in 24ct pure gold. This is a soft metal, a bit like pure fine silver and isn’t ideal for fingerprint jewellery.

If you search around you may be able to find people who make jewellery using more traditional techniques and there may be more options for cast gold fingerprint jewellery.  I am a clay artist so i don’t know an awful lot about the other techniques.

Alternatives to solid gold fingerprint jewellery

One alternative is to have your sterling silver piece gold plated.  This isn’t something I do myself right now.  I send my pieces off to a jeweller who does it professionally for me.  I can offer yellow or rose gold gold plated jewellery.

Rose gold finerprint jewellery

Gold accents

If you are having hand and footprint jewellery, you could also consider gold accents.  This can be done using real 24ct gold which is elecro-plated onto the silver piece by hand.  I am pleased to say that I can now offer this service.

Gold fingerprint jewellery
A cheaper alternative is to use gold (or coloured) paint such as in the example below, I am happy to do this for you, just let me know which colour you would like.

personalised jewellery for mums

Personalised Jewellery for mums

Looking for a special gift for mum? You may well be considering an item of personalised jewellery.  Here are a few options for you to consider.

 A handwritten message

personalised handwriting necklaceChildren love to leave little handwritten notes for their mums.  This one was left as a little surprise from my client’s son and his dad on the bottom of her shopping list! She loved it so much that she decided to have it transferred into a handmade silver pendant. I think that’s a fantastic idea and really special.


A special print
Double handprint necklace with names
Double fingerprint necklace with handwriting

There isn’t much more personal than your own child’s little hand, foot or fingerprints captured in a personalised piece of jewellery that you can carry with you everywhere you go!   You can even have your child’s name stamped in their own handwriting if you like!

Start a story

handprint star bead fits pandorahandprint fingerprint heart charms to fit pandoraCharm bracelets are a great way to tell a story and are by far the most personalisable jewellery available for mums. Add to them whenever something significant happens in your life, a new baby, a wedding, starting a new job.

If handmade and customised jewellery is a little out of your budget, you can purchase pre-made beads and charms to personalise the bracelet yourself.   You can purchase special beads for significant events, however personalisation could be something as simple as choosing your mum’s favourite colour combinations.

Personalise your packaging.

This is something you can do yourself.  As lovely as it is to receive an expensive gift, most mum’s don’t expect their children to spend their hard earned pocket money on personalised gifts!   Why not think about adding a little note to your jewellery gift. This could be handwritten or you could create your own little packaging slip.  Alternatively here are a few that you are welcome to print off and use.

Printable gift box inserts Printable gift box inserts Printable gift box inserts Printable gift box inserts

Best place to buy fingerprint jewellery

Double fingerprint heart necklaceHow to choose the  best place to buy fingerprint jewellery, that is right for you.

I guess if you are here it’s because you are looking for a piece of fingerprint jewellery and you want to know where is the best place to buy it.  As this is such a personal purchase, the best place to buy fingerprint jewellery will really vary from person to person depending on what your requirements are. There is no one place that is ‘the best’.

Whilst I would love to shout from the roof tops ‘PICK ME, PICK ME’ that wouldn’t be the right thing to do.  There are hundreds of fingerprint jewellery artists to choose from and we all have our own individual strengths so it’s important to choose someone who fits your needs.   For a lot of people I am absolutely the best place to buy fingerprint jewellery, my feedback is testimony to that, but I am not the right fit for everybody.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the keepsake artist that you want to work with.

  1. How much do you want to pay? I’d recommend you read my article about  differences in prices for fingerprint jewellery and decide what is important to you before you choose an artist.
  2. Choose someone who does this for a living, not a hobby.   There are plenty of self taught hobby artists out there offering this sort of jewellery. Some of them unfortunately don’t have the necessary equipment or experience to create a professional quality piece that will last you a lifetime.  Also, if you have any problems with your jewellery at a later date you know that an established business is much more likely to still be around to help you.  I have been running Lasting Touch as a full time business since 2013 and I’m not going anywhere.  I absolutely LOVE what I do.
  3. Choose an artist who is willing to answer your questions.  Chat to them on the phone, by email or on social media. A good fingerprint jewellery artist will be happy to discuss your requirements and put your mind at rest if you have any worries.  Choose an artist who gets you, who understands what your needs are and who will work with you to meet your individual needs.
  4. Look for reviews.  Past customers experiences are one of the best ways to find out if a keepsake artist is likely to be the one for you.

Who I work well with…

  1. My ideal customers are family people, just like me. I understand the needs and pressures of family and working life and I can work with you to try and be available at the times that suit you.  I understand that if you are taking prints from small children you need to catch them just at the right time so if you need extra time to return your prints all I ask is that you let me know.
  2. I’m a good listener and I love to hear the stories behind the pieces I am making.  It doesn’t matter whether its a simple or more complex piece of jewellery.  On the other hand, if you just want to place your order through the website and don’t feel the need to communicate with me personally, that’s fine too.
  3. I make lots of memorial pieces and I am very sensitive when it comes to accommodating the needs of bereaved families.  Whether you need advice about choosing the right jewellery, help collecting the prints or you just need more time in between communications that’s fine.  I am happy to work closely with funeral directors to arrange for fingerprints to be collected if you don’t feel able to do it yourself.
  4. People who love handmade. My pieces are made to a really high standard, but they are handmade and that’s what my customers love about them.  They are perfect in their own way, but they aren’t factory perfect!
  5. Value seekers.  Its really important to me to be able to provide amazing value to my customers.  I am not the cheapest artist and nor would I wish to be.  The standard of product and service I provide is way above that of the cheapest artists.  I want to work with people who appreciate the value in what I do.  I’m really happy to discuss discounts on large orders or add extra value wherever I can but I won’t compromise on quality or service in order to lower the price.

Who I don’t work well with…

  1. Cheapskates.  Sorry I hate to say it but there’s the honest truth. I don’t work well with people who are only interested in getting their jewellery at the lowest possible price even if that means the artist working for below minimum wage!  I care about my customers and I want to work with people who care about me too. This is my living and I need to charge a fair price.  I do understand that budget can be an issue for some people, being a cheapskate is not the same as being genuinely strapped for cash. If you feel like you would like to pay a fair price but simply can’t afford to, do contact me and I will happily discuss some options with you.
  2. People looking for mass produced items.  My products are handmade, and as such will always have an organic feel to them.  That’s not to say that they aren’t very well made, but they do not and will not ever look or feel as if they have come off a factory production line.  If you are looking for a factory finish, you’ll need to find another artist or maybe consider ordering from my machine engraved range.

I really hope that this post has helped you consider what is important to you when choosing an artist to work with.  If you’d like to work with me then please do get in touch. You can see my work at

Thanks for reading