My secret to non fussy eaters!

I’m so proud of my children, they are he least fussy eaters of all the kids I know. My husband and I never have to worry about eating out and whether there will be something on the menu that they will like, there always will be!

Ever since they were babies I have tried to give them pretty much the same food as my husband and I like to eat, we have quite a broad range of tastes including good ole traditional English Sunday roast, to Indian, Chinese and Mexican recipes. I don’t generally ass salt in my own cooking so whatever we had, they had a pureed and sometimes slightly less spicy version.

But I don’t believe that the food they were given as babies is the main reason why they enjoy food, though it may have helped I guess. I believe the main reason they are so willing to try new things is trust. Two things I have always promised to my children are that I would never give them anything that I didn’t think they would like, and that if they still didn’t like it after they had tried it a couple of times I wouldn’t make them try it again. And I have stuck to that, they both have foods they don’t like, my daughter doesn’t like pizza of all things, and my so doesn’t like mashed potato! That’s ok though, my husband doesn’t eat fish and I can’t stand cooked tomatoes!

This afternoon my husband, daughter and I went out for lunch (it was supposed to be lunch for two, but we had forgotten that my daughter has an inset day at school!) My daughter (who is 6) chose the breaded haddock goujons to start, followed by bacon carbonara pasta for her main and sticky toffee pudding to finish!!

Tomorrow we are all of for Japanese food! I wonder what we will eat? Whatever it is I am sure it will be yummy, and not boring old chicken nuggets and chips!!

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