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Double sided fingerprint necklace 2 Double sided fingerprint necklace 1Options for fingerprint jewellery with 2 prints

I’m guessing you found yourself on this page because you were looking for options for a double fingerprint necklace. I can certainly help you with that.

The major thing to consider when choosing a necklace with 2 fingerprints is whether you would like to have both the prints on one pendant, or whether you would prefer 2 individual charms on your necklace.

Double Fingerprint Necklace

This might depend on the age of your children and the size of their prints.  Older children and adult prints might look better on 2 separate fingerprint charms.  Here is an example of a double fingerprint necklace available from Lasting Touch.

This necklace features 2 heart charms, Double fingerprint necklace with 2 heart jewellery charmsone is slightly smaller than the other. This means that the two charms sit nicely together and also represents the 2 children’s ages if one is younger than the other.   If you have twins you might prefer to have both charms the same size.   This options for cascading fingerprint charms is also nice if you plan to have more children as you can also add a third, smaller heart at a later date if you wish.   If you already have three children you can buy the triple fingerprint necklace.

2 fingerprints on 1 necklace

This option might suit you if you have two young children with small prints.  (Keep in Fingerprint necklace with 2 printsmind that children under 12 months often don’t have defined fingerprint lines).  It can work for larger prints however they might overlap.





Double Sided fingerprint necklace.

This is the most expensive of the 3 options. This is because it has to be made thicker to allow for a print to be pressed in on each side.  The process of adding the 2nd print without distorting the 1st print is also more complicated than a single sided charm. Another downside to double sided fingerprint jewellery is that one print is always hidden.  If you would like me to make you a double sided fingerprint charm please drop me a message at to discuss it.

Double sided fingerprint necklace 2Double sided fingerprint necklace 1

Finally, if you don’t think that fingerprints will be an option due to children being very young or the prints being too large, you might prefer to consider a full handprint on your keepsake jewellery.  Hand and footprints are resized to fit and so are suitable for any age or size print.

Double handprint necklaceStill not sure what will be the best option for you?
Feel free to drop me an email for a chat.


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