Fingerprint Jewellery for Men

I often get asked what the options are for men’s fingerprint jewellery, there are actually quite a few.  I’ve put together a few of my favorite ideas for you.

Fingerprint cufflinks are a great choice for most men, even those who don’t generally wear cufflinks love to receive something like this as a keepsake gift.  Or you may prefer the look of the handprint cufflinks instead, I have had some great handprint cufflink reviews on my site.   Cufflinks are a great choice if you have 2 children as you can have different prints on each one.
Fingerprint CufflinksBaby footprint cufflinksFootprint or Handprint shaped cufflinks


Another great option to consider is a fingerprint keyring.  Any charm can be added to a keyring which means that they can be designed to fit pretty much any budget or number of children.  Design your own by deciding which size and shape you would like the charm to be and how many prints you would like on it.  Keyrings can even be made with a special drawing that your child has done.
Set of 2 Artwork Jewellery charms


Women have Pandora bracelets, why not something similar for men?  These chunky leather bracelets with handprint beads are on of my best sellers, and of course you can add as many beads as you like, so if you’re planning more children in the future these are a great option.
Men's Foot or Handprint Bead on Leather braceletMen's Foot or Handprint Bead on Leather bracelet close up


Necklaces aren’t just for women, I do a variety of shapes that can be suitable for men too.  The rectangular ‘tag’ style is probably the most popular but squares, stars and circles often go down well too.

Double Fingerprint Charm for 2 printsSilver charm made with ink fingerprint on paper


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