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Welcome to McLaren & Wall Ltd, formerly Cheekies Treasures Ltd!

Thank you to Lasting Touch for featuring my blog on their wonderful website.

In August 2015 I began my keepsake business journey launching Cheekies Treasures in Fleet, North Hampshire. As the business grew, I developed a passion for the art of 3D casting. My new venture began with the opportunity to work with lots of gorgeous babies and their lovely parents. To begin with, I focused on creating lasting memories by casting the beautiful and perfect hands and feet of newborn babies. From there, I progressed to work with older children and families and now create bespoke keepsakes to mark beginnings, celebrations and memorials.

High praise

In August 2016 I was flattered to be offered the chance to work with the world leaders in casting. However, my passion lies with providing a personal service and so I decided to apply my skills and attention to detail to my own business.

Around the same time, I was approached by Artu. I felt honoured that they wanted to work with me and our partnership now means I can offer 3D miniature jewellery.

All these exciting developments required a business restructure and so McLaren & Wall began life specialising in 3D castings.

Why memorial keepsakes

While I was in the concept stage of the new business approach, I was approached by a gentleman who had recently lost his wife. He commissioned me to take the precious plaster cast he had made of his wife’s hand and to make it into a number of bronze casts with stands for various family members. This made me realise that everyone should have the opportunity to capture the most precious of memories.

New casting product range

McLaren & Wall now specialise in 3D casting and 3D miniature jewellery.  Customers can choose to have their casting in various materials such as plaster, glass, bronze and silver, and the jewellery is also offered in gold.

You can have hands and feet or two hands or two feet.  You can also choose from a hands holding sculpture symbolising a bond between two people or have this made into a pendant.  The possibilities are as wide as your imagination.


In the next week or two I will be sending out a newsletter with more details about some exciting new offers and plans.  You can sign up by clicking on the little paper aeroplane on the left of my website

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