Owl Fingerprint Pendant

I was recently asked if I could produce a custom designed keepsake fingerprint charm.    The customer wanted something in the shape of an owl that could have her mum’s fingerprint as the owls tummy detail, and so the owl fingerprint pendant design process began.

The Owl fingerprint Charm Design Process

Before starting work on the charm, I asked the customer to send me some pictures of owls that she liked, here are a few of the ideas she sent me to work with.
Owl 0d03959b7418a9eb3fc2de883e214917 15809705-cartoon-owl-sitting-on-tree-branch

The Owl fingerprint Charm Making Process

I began work on the piece straight away and came up with a couple of prototype designs made out of silver clay.  The customer liked the designs an added her own suggestions for a few more details.

silver clay owlsilver clay owl charm

My customer suggested the addition of feet and so more detail in the wings…

silver clay owl fingerprint charm so I got to work making tiny owl toes and carving feather detail into the wings.

This is the completed deign, it still doesn’t look like much yet, the magic doesn’t really happen until the clay is fired.  During this process the clay binder burns away leaving behind a pure silver piece of jewellery.

He spent about 2 hours in the kiln and came out solid silver. With a good polish and the addition of some patina to bring out the detail here is the finished piece.  A beautiful owl keepsake.

Owl Fingerprint NecklaceIf You have an idea for a custom piece of jewellery please get in touch, at gemma@lastingtouch.co.uk

It can feature your loved ones fingerprint or hand and footprints if you would like it to.

More custom fingerprint design ideas.

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