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Name styles

I offer 3 different types of name styles for your charm.

1. Hand written
I can hand write the name directly into the silver in my own handwriting.

Dinky Hand or Footprint CharmSet of 2 Foot or Artwork Jewellery charmsCharm Bale - Fits Pandora Braclets

2. Standard stamp
If you would prefer a more uniform look to your name, you can choose to have a stamp made. The font I generally use is Al Blanca, however other fonts can be used if you prefer, just let me know.

Baby Loss, Hand and Foot Print Jewellery CharmDouble Fingerprint Charm - 2 printsDetailed Foot or Handprint Jewellery Charm

3. Custom Handwriting Stamp
Why not make your charm really personal with your own handwriting. I can make a custom stamp with your own writing resized to fit perfectly on your charm.

Large handwriting Message Charm

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