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How much is postage and packaging?
If you are in the UK, all P&P for keepsake jewellery is free.  This includes the cost of posting your print kit out to you, a stamped addressed envelope to return the prints in and the finished keepsake jewellery.  If you are outside of the UK, a small charge is made to cover these costs, international shipping will be calculated at checkout.

How long will it take to make my keepsake jewellery?
The time taken to make your jewellery can vary at different times of year. Big events like Mother's Day, Father's day and Christmas are always busy and it can take up to 28 days to make orders when prints are returned just before these dates. At quieter times of year it is often faster, however I do ask people to allow up to 28 days on the free service, just in case I get a rush of prints returned all at once.
 If you need your jewellery quickly, I am happy to work extra to get it done and I can complete a piece in as little as 4 days (or sometimes 2 days in a real emergency!). 
Please also see the delivery options page for deadlines and priority order prices.

What are the different 'Name Styles'?
More info and examples of the different writing styles can be found on our names styles page.

Is the keepsake jewellery real silver?
Yes, all hand, foot and fingerprint jewellery is made from Sterling Silver.   

Can I have my keepsake jewellery made from fine silver?
I can make items in fine silver on request.  Please be aware that fine silver, is not as strong and durable as sterling silver.   

What s the difference between sterling silver and fine silver?
Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver.
Sterling silver is a minimum of 92.5% silver and up to 7.5% copper.
The copper in sterling silver acts as a strengthener to help the silver withstand scratches and general wear for longer.

Does the jewellery come with a necklace?
Most of the item do have a necklce option but please check the individual product pages for more information.   Other options such as bracelets, charm bracelet bails and keyrings are also available. 

Is the keepsake jewellery hallmarked?
Lasting Touch does have it's own official registered hallmark however the only way to get silver jewellery officially hallmarked is to send it away to the assay office and unfortunately for small numbers of items this is a costly process.  For this reason I do not routinely hallmark the jewellery. 
Hallmarking is not a legal requirement on items under 7.78g if you would like your item hallmarked there is a charge of £35 per order (not per piece) and a 2 week extra wait.

If you would like your jewellery stamped with a small 999FS mark (for fine silver) or 925SS (for sterling silver), I can do this for you in my workshop at no extra charge, please keep in mind that this is not a hallmark.

I'm a perfectionist, will my jewellery be perfect?
In short no!  All items are completely handmade and will have some slight imperfections which add to their charm and uniqueness.  The quality of my work is very high, I will put a lot of effort into minimising the imperfections, but the pieces will have an organic, handmade feel to them.  If you are looking for a 'factory finish' I don't think I can help you.

What is the 'Gift Package'?
The gift package upgrade is available on all jewellery orders and is perfect if you've left it a little late to order.  The printing kit will come presented inside a nice box ready for you to present as a gift.  The recipient can be involved in collecting the prints and sending them back, choose a specific item or purchase a gift voucher amount and let the receipient choose.
More Gift Kit Info...

Where are you based?
I work from my home studio in South Kirkby, West Yorkshire, UK.

Fingerprint Jewellery UK

I'm not local, can I still have keepsake jewellery made?
Of course, fingerprint kits as well as hand and footprint kits can be sent through the post and are very easy to use.  Take the prints in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you and your child.

When will my print kit be posted?
Print kits are usually posted either the same or next working day after I receive your order.

I already have prints, can you use those?
Usually yes. Please feel free to send them to me to look at before you order if you are unsure.
If you have prints you have taken at home with paint you may not see ans much detail as with inkless prints but  am happy to use them

Do I need to send you my prints in the post?
There is no need to send the original hand and footprints in the post if you don't want to.  You can scan and email them to me or send a black and white photocopy and that will be fine.
If you have fingerprints in moulds then I do need to have these sent through the post.

Do you have any tips for getting a good print?
Try to do it when your child is relaxed.  For tiny babies it can be done whilst they are asleep or feeding, for older children, watch the instructional videos with your child and explain to them what they need to do.  Also check out my blog post on how to get good handprints with your child.

The prints I took with the inkless wipes are smudged or messy, is that ok?
If they are not completely smudged, that's fine.  I can edit out any shadows on fingers or toes.  Don't worry if you have got your own prints on the paper either.

I'm not happy with the prints, can I get another kit?
Before you order extra kits, send me a copy of the prints.  Usually they are ok even if they are smudged and messy.  Extra print kits are available to purchase. If you still feel you need one. Just contact me to arrange an additional one if you need it.

My child doesn't have a defined fingerprint, can you enhance it?
Children under a year old often do not have very defined prints, unfortunately if the fingerprint whorls are not very strong I cannot enhance them.  You will get a dimple in your charm that is a replica of your child's finger tip, whorls or not.   For babies under 6 months old I tend to recommend a full hand or footprint instead of a fingerprint.  For newborn babies a footprint is almost always easier to get!

Will the print be exactly the same in the charm as it is in the mould.
Mostly yes. Due to the process there will be some shrinkage and the print may be very slightly smaller than the original (no more than 10%). 
Please also bear in mind that standard charms are only 1.5mm deep, if your mould is deper than this only the first 1mm depth will be impressed. This may make the print appear smaller than the original. 

My fingerprints are on paper can you use those?

Usually yes, but it's best to send them to me to look at first. Fingerprints done with ink on paper take a bit more work and produce a very different style of fingerprint jewellery.  They do need to be fairly clear and defined, adult prints work best.
Unlike moulded prints, ink prints can be enhanced and /or englarged if necessary. 

Will I see the detail in a hand or footprint?
Some detail will invariably be lost when the print is down sized, however I do pride myself on the time I spend ensuring as much detail as possible is preserved.  I will do everything I can to make sure lifelines and strong markings are visible in the final piece of hand or footprint jewellery.  Please look at the gallery for examples of my work.
If the lines in the print are not strong they may only appear very faintly or not be visible at all on the final piece.  If you want me to 'extra enhance' prints to make the lines appear please talk to me about this when you return your prints.

How will my jewellery be packaged?
Your jewellery will be presented in a  gift box, and packaged up inside another box along with your prints and aftercare information. 

Do you offer discounts on keepsake jewellery?
Yes I do! If you are ordering several of the same style of jewellery there are discounts for purchasing multiple pieces, ideal if you have a big family!
I also have regular offers and discount codes available, make sure you are on my mailing list and like my facebook page to find out what the current offers are.   https://www.facebook.com/lastingtouchkeepsakes

I can't see what I want, can you make something different?
Absolutely! Each item is hand made and the design possibilities are limitless, if you want something bespoke, email me your ideas.

Can you put a print on boths sides of the charm?
Yes, double sided charms are made thicker than single sided ones and so use more silver, an additional charge is made to cover the cost of the extra silver and exra work involved in making an additional print. I also now have a range of handmade  handprint beads to fit Pandora and other popular charm bracelets that can have 2 prints.

Grandma and Grandad would like a fingerprint charm too. Can you make more than one charm with the same print?
Yes, fingerprints, handprints and footprints can be used to make as many charms as you like.

Will I get my prints back?
Yes, I will return your prints with your finished jewellery.

Do you keep the prints on file?
The original fingerprint moulds and inkless hand or footprints will be returned to you with your charm.  A digital copy of the hand or footprint will be kept on file in case you wish to have more jewellery made.  Fingerprint casts will be kept on file for a period, after which time you may need to return the original mould for a new fingerprint to be made. If you would prefer me not to keep a copy of your prints just let me know.

I lost my charm, can you make me an identical one?
I can certainly make you a replacement charm, however as each one is hand made it will not be identical to the one you lost.  I will do my best to get it as close as possible.

I plan on having more children, can you make more jewellery for me in the future?
Absolutely! Feel free to contact me for a chat if you would like to discuss the best options for adding to at a later date.  If you are buying charms to wear alongside existing charms, please send me a photo of your jewellery and I will try to make the new one to match as closely as possible.

Do you price match?
If you've seen an item which you believe to be the same standard of work and quality of materials, please do get in touch and discuss it with me.  Please check that things such as postage and print kits are included when asking for a price match.

Mobile Number: 07775 239176

email: gemma@lastingtouch.co.uk

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