Breastfeeding to Business Woman!

Hi folks!

I thought I would start my blog by telling you a bit about how I got here.

I started my first business, Gem’s Body Jewellery when I was just 18 and it has brought in a small but regular income ever since.  I always kept part time jobs along with running the business in order to top up my income.

In 2006 my first child was born, I continued to run my little business but gave up going out to work to bring up my son.  In 2008 my daughter arrived and I continued to be a stay at home mum, using my little business to bring in a small amount of money working from home.

In 2009 I decided it was time to go back out to work part time.  I found my perfect job as a breastfeeding supporter, something I was very passionate about and I worked my way up from peer supporter to mentor and trainer.  Unfortunately in 2013 my position was made redundant and I was out of work again.

I pondered for a little while what I could do to work from home and earn some money that would allow me to still be around for my children and not have to worry about childcare or missing precious time with them.  My husband works shifts, so I needed to find a job that would be flexible hours.

I decided my only option was to build up my own business and work for myself full time.  I already had my little business, but I worried whether I would be able to make it bring in enough income so I decided to look online for some business support.  I found the Baby Brain Academy and signed up for the free course.  It was amazing, I learned loads about starting and building a business and gained so much confidence that I decided I wasn’t just going to just build my business, I was going to start a whole new one!

I wondered what I could do that would allow me to keep on working with new mums and children and I came up with the idea of starting a keepsakes business.  I joined a training program with The keepsake Co, bought my kit and got started.

I’m still a member of the Baby Brain Academy and getting loads of great support from them, which is tailored perfectly to the needs of a mum with small children who wants to work from home and be her own boss.