A Paramedic’s wife

I am so proud of my husband, he has worked so hard this year and passed all of his paramedic assessments.  All that he needs now is 650 hours of working with another paramedic and then he’ll be able to register for his paramedic’s licence and I can officially say that I am a Paramedic’s wife!

It’s been a tough year, studying to become a paramedic as you would imagine is hard going.  There is a lot to learn and the pressure to get it right first time and every time is immense!  My husband was at a head start, having worked for the Ambulance service for over 10 years and been a qualified AEMT (Advanced Emergency Medical Technician) for 5 years he already had a lot of the skills he needed, but nevertheless the pressure has been on this year and tension has at times been high in our household!

Not only has he been working full time as an AEMT, he has also been traveling to university for lectures and assessments and having to do placements in hospitals which have meant overnight stays, leaving me and our 2 children at home.

All that paid off though, because he has been working and studying at the same time he accrued a lot of time owed and was able to take almost the whole month of August off.  It has been a wonderful month, the children have been off school, I have been able to be flexible with my working hours and we have had a great time.

Today is his first day back at work, he started at 6am.  To throw him in at the deep end after 28 days off he now has a 70 hour week!  7 days in a row, each a 10 hour shift.  It will almost certainly be more than that though, after all if a 999 call comes in he can’t exactly say ‘sorry I clock off in 5 minutes’ it doesn’t work like that, sometimes he can be 2 hours late home, but that’s a blog for another day.  For now we are just starting to get back into reality, hubby back at work, kids will be back to school in s few days and I will be back to promoting my business.  While you’re here, why not have a little look around 🙂 www.lastingtouch.co.uk

Keepsakes for babies born sleepng

This is a really hard subject to approach,  but one that I feel I have to because if I avoid it, someone may miss out on having the most beautiful keepsake possible.

I am thankful that I have never experienced the loss of a child, I can only try to imagine how devastating it must feel. Ever since starting my keepsakes business it has played on my mind that I really wanted to be able to do something nice for parents in such a sad situation, something that would offer even the tiniest amount of comfort has got to be something worth offering.

But how does one approach the subject the subject without coming across that I want to make a profit from such a tragic situation?  I do need to be paid for my work, but I certainly do not want to exploit grieving parents, it is a very awkward situation.

An item of silver hand or footprint jewellery would make the perfect keepsake. If looked after well, it will last a lifetime and unlike most keepsakes, handprint jewellery can be carried with you always.

From a personal point of view, although I would never find it easy, I would find it greatly satisfying to know that I have been able to help keep a memory alive and offer something incredibly special that can be treasured forever.

For very small babies I do generally recommend footprint or handprint jewellery rather than fingerprint jewellery.  This is simply because tiny babies often do not have a defined fingerprint.  Also often when a baby dies or is born sleeping, the hospital will take handprints and footprints to give to the parents as a keepsake.  These can be used to create jewellery if they are available, and can be photocopies or scanned so there is no need to part with the original.

If your hospital doesn’t offer this service, I can send inkless wipes and paper so that you can take the prints yourself, or a member of staff will usually be happy to do it for you.  It is a very sad time and I expect that keepsakes are the last thing on a grieving parents mind.  If you are reading this and you know of a parent in this situation, a gentle suggestion that they may want to have prints taken may be something they will really appreciate in time to come.   My inkless wipe kits can be purchased as a stand alone product with no obligation to have a charm made, however they do come with a voucher so that the cost of the kit can be redeemed against any item of footprint or handprint jewellery (effectively making the kit free) if you should want one.  These make a comforting gift for someone who has lost a baby and a single print can be used to create as many silver jewellery items as you like. Each item is completely handmade so please feel free to contact me with special requests.

I hope I have dealt with this post sensitively, it is a difficult subject, but I hope that by posting it someone will be able to hear about the service and have a beautiful item to treasure.