Gold Fingerprint Jewellery

Options for Gold Fingerprint Jewellery

Silver is by far the most common option for fingerprint jewellery. It is rare to find an artist who works in solid gold.
The main reason for this is the cost.  Gold clay is incredibly expensive. Around 50x more expensive than silver clay!!

So you can imagine, that if a piece of sterling silver jewellery can be produced for around £60, solid gold jewellery is going to run into £1000s!
Gold clay is also only available in 24ct pure gold. This is a soft metal, a bit like pure fine silver and isn’t ideal for fingerprint jewellery.

If you search around you may be able to find people who make jewellery using more traditional techniques and there may be more options for cast gold fingerprint jewellery.  I am a clay artist so i don’t know an awful lot about the other techniques.

Alternatives to solid gold fingerprint jewellery

One alternative is to have your sterling silver piece gold plated.  This isn’t something I do myself right now.  I send my pieces off to a jeweller who does it professionally for me.  I can offer yellow or rose gold gold plated jewellery.

Rose gold finerprint jewellery

Gold accents

If you are having hand and footprint jewellery, you could also consider gold accents.  This can be done using real 24ct gold which is elecro-plated onto the silver piece by hand.  I am pleased to say that I can now offer this service.

Gold fingerprint jewellery
A cheaper alternative is to use gold (or coloured) paint such as in the example below, I am happy to do this for you, just let me know which colour you would like.