Fingerprint jewellery made from ink and paper prints

Usually my fingerprint jewellery is made from a mould of the finger, this produces an exact replica of the fingerprint in the silver.  However, I am sometimes asked to make jewellery for customers who are only able to provide prints on paper.

In order to make a piece from a paper print, a very different technique is needed.  The method is similar to that used for hand and footprints jewellery and involves the same equipment to reproduce the print in the silver.

The results as you can see below are very different. The 1st photo shows a print made from a mould, this print shows fine detail and the shape of the finger.
The second piece is made using a paper print, as you can see it is flat. The print lines are enhanced and blackened for a very different effect.

Heart cutout Fingerprint Jewellery Charm

Fingerprint jewellery charm made from a mould

Silver charm made with ink fingerprint on paper

Fingerprint jewellery charm made with ink print on paper


Making charms with paper prints is a much more skilled process than the mould method, and a service that not many artists offer.  The prints do need to be clear and as detailed as possible, this method definitely works better with adult prints.

This type of jewellery can be made with existing prints, taken using ink or if you want to take new prints I can send an inkless wipe to take highly detailed mess free prints.

If you have prints that you would like to use, you can send a black and white photocopy to me in the post, or scan the prints and email them to me.

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