Fingerprint jewellery made from ink and paper prints

Usually my fingerprint jewellery is made from a mould of the finger, this produces an exact replica of the fingerprint in the silver.  However, I am sometimes asked to make jewellery for customers who are only able to provide prints on paper.

In order to make a piece from a paper print, a very different technique is needed.  The method is similar to that used for hand and footprints jewellery and involves the same equipment to reproduce the print in the silver.

The results as you can see below are very different. The 1st photo shows a print made from a mould, this print shows fine detail and the shape of the finger.
The second piece is made using a paper print, as you can see it is flat. The print lines are enhanced and blackened for a very different effect.

Heart cutout Fingerprint Jewellery Charm

Fingerprint jewellery charm made from a mould

Silver charm made with ink fingerprint on paper

Fingerprint jewellery charm made with ink print on paper


Making charms with paper prints is a much more skilled process than the mould method, and a service that not many artists offer.  The prints do need to be clear and as detailed as possible, this method definitely works better with adult prints.

This type of jewellery can be made with existing prints, taken using ink or if you want to take new prints I can send an inkless wipe to take highly detailed mess free prints.

If you have prints that you would like to use, you can send a black and white photocopy to me in the post, or scan the prints and email them to me.

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Do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Why can’t women spend money on themselves?

So, you’ve seen a gorgeous piece of keepsake jewellery that you’ve fallen in love with.   It would make you so happy to have those precious prints with you all the time.   But somehow you just can’t justify buying it.

Sound familiar? 

You’re not the only one! I recently surveyed my Facebook fans and the overwhelming response to why they haven’t bought yet was due to being able to justify the purchase.

I know how you feel!  I have spent the last few weeks looking at a pair of trainers for my holiday, not a super expensive pair, but not exactly from the budget range either.
I have already been out and bought my kids new trainers for the trip (which will involve a lot of walking!), so why am I having so much trouble purchasing a pair for myself?

I can think of hundreds of reason why buying them is not a good idea….

  • I have a pair of trainers already, they are a bit worn out and not that comfy but they are ok.
  • I’m a mum, I should spend my money on making sure the kids have a good trip, it doesn’t matter if I have to go without to make that happen. That money might pay for an extra day out.
  • What if my car breaks down and I have to find a ton of money to fix it?
  • It’s selfish to spend money on myself when I have children to provide for.
  • I’m supposed to be saving for a kitchen, bathroom and various other home improvements.
  • I’m just not the sort of person who buys expensive things, I’m frugal and proud of it.
  • I’m earning less that I used to, so I need to be more careful with my money.
  • Maybe if I wait long enough and drop enough hints my husband will show me how much he loves me by buying them for me…
  • I’ve got no money in my bank account…
  • Oh actually, I just checked and I do have some cash in my account but just think of all the other things that money could be spent on!
  • I don’t NEED these particular trainers, I just WANT them.

I could go on and on and on listing all the reasons why I have talked myself out of buying the trainers (which are only £40, not exactly a massive amount when some people have trainers worth £100s!).

Now, with my background being in psychology I started thinking about this and I started to wonder why I really couldn’t bring myself to buy the shoes. It isn’t money, I have some cash in the bank, not a lot, but enough to cover the cost of the trainers and have some left for an emergency.
It isn’t that I am being selfish, after all I only just bought my kids new trainers and if I am honest I buy them new stuff all the time, they are pretty spoiled really!
I do earn less than I used to, that is true. But actually if I am honest I am still using it as an excuse! I haven’t bought myself anything in absolutely ages!
It isn’t even because the car might break down, it’s not like I am going to spend every last penny in my account and even if it the car did land me with a huge bill, I can find the money from somewhere, even if I have to get a bank loan or borrow it from my dad!

I’m still not quite sure why I put up so many barriers to spending money on myself, I think it’s just an inbuilt thing that us women do (my husband doesn’t seem to have the same problem!).   Maybe it’s a sense of inadequacy because we usually don’t earn as much or contribute as much financially? I don’t know.

One thing is for sure, now that I have thought a bit more rationally about it, and realised that all of my excuses are actually quite ridiculous I now can’t justify NOT buying the shoes!
So guess what, I’m off to order them now 🙂  In a month’s time I’ll have forgotten I was so worried about spending £40, but I’ll have my lovely comfy trainers for a long time after.

Are you making the same irrational excuses about an item you’ve had your eye on for ages?  I challenge you to go an make that purchase right now, whilst your rational mind is still in charge!

Detailed Foot or Handprint Jewellery CharmFingerprint Jewellery CharmFoot or Handprint charm Bead (fits pandora)

New range of engraved foot and handprint jewellery gifts

If you follow my facebook page you may have already seen this fabulous new range of engraved gifts.  Let me tell you why I love it so much…

Engraved Cufflinks- Up to four children engraved-pandora-style-star-charm-

Well there are a few reasons! First of all the engraved jewellery is cheaper and faster to product than the handmade jewellery and these savings can be passed on to you.  The savings are particularly significant for families with multiple children, for example the cufflinks above can hold up to 4 prints and are just £60! Heart Pendant One Child_prod Engraved Bracelet Two Children_prodsmall

Another reason I love this jewellery so much is that many of the items, including the heart charm above can be engraved on both sides.  You can have prints on either side, or a print and a short message.  This is something that is quite hard to do with handmade keepsake jewellery.

dog tag ID bracelet

Handprint jewellery for men is often difficult to find. The dog tag or bracelet options above are a perfect, special yet masculine piece of keepsake jewellery.  Ideal for Father’s Day coming up on 21st June! Many of the engraved items are available in either sterling silver or stainless steel  Stainless steel has the benefit that not only does it make reasonably cheap handprint jewellery, it is also considerably stronger and will withstand the constant bumping around that items such as keyrings have to endure.

Check out the full range here: