Date days with the kids

Some people think this is a bit strange, but we do it every year and absolutely love it.

Every year my husband and I set aside 2 dates where we split up as a family.  On one of the days he will take my son out for the day and I will take my daughter out, and the other day we will swap.  We cal these our ‘Daddy and Daughter’, Mum and Son’, Days.

The kids get to decide (within reason!) exactly what they want to do on their special days, this year both kids wanted to do a Theme park, so we all ended up at Lightwater Valley for the day…abeit separately!

We had a great time, I spent the day with my son and my husband and daughter went off and did their own thing. We waved if we saw each other, but we made a conscious effort not to make contact for most of the day.
This meant that both the kids could do exactly the rides they wanted to do with no compromising and no ‘we’ll do what your sister wants and then we’ll do your thing’ type conversations. Normally the kids are really good at sharing and making sure everyone gets to have fun, but this one day they are allowed to be completely selfish and have complete control over the day.
Which is a good thing because when it comes to theme parks our children are like chalk and cheese!  I did manage to get my son to ride the roller coaster eventually, but it took some serious persuading, but he’s very cautious and takes quite a lot of time to work up to do these things.  My daughter on the other hand was 1st in the queue!  Of course once James plucked up the courage to go on, he loved it and went on twice more after that!

Yesterday was our 2nd date day. My turn to take my girl out whilst Hubby and Son had a day together.
The boys chose to go to Magna, a science museum in an old steel works.

My daredevil daughter on the other hand chose Go Ape at Sherwood pines!
Much to her disappointment (and my relief) she wasn’t old enough to do the main treetop adventure, so we opted for the Junior one. The disappointment was short lived!

Once up2016-08-25 11.10.53 in the trees she was off!  I had to call her several times to wait for me as I clung on tightly to my rope.  Watching her ahead of me shouting ‘ Look mum I can do it without holding on!

Luckily her choice of afternoon activity was much more sedate!  We went for all you can eat Chinese buffet for lunch, where she happy stuffed herself with sweet and sour chicken, crispy seaweed and prawn crackers!   Then off to the cinema to watch Finding Dory.

All in all 2 great days full of memories made, and we’re already talking about what we’re going to do for our date days next year!

Do you set aside 1:1 time with your children? I’d love to hear what sort of things you like to do?

Summer wind down

If you’ve followed me from the start, you will know that the reason I started my business in the first place was so that I could earn an income with flexible hours around my husband and my children.

I’m now 3 years into my business and I have started to see a pattern of winding down over the summer months. Not many orders come in during August as everyone is off enjoying time with their families, and so I have decided that it is the perfect time for me to do exactly that!

I am taking 3 weeks off from making jewellery during the first three weeks of the school holidays (18th July – 5th August).  The business won’t close completely during this time, print kits for new orders will still go out and emails will get answered.  My phone will be going off and my hands will be taking a rest though!

Priority orders will be suspended during this time and any prints that come back during this time will be logged and acknowledged when I am ready to start making jewellery again.

I’ve got some exciting things planned with my husband and kids during my time off, I’ll tell you all about it when I come back.

Small Print, Baby fingerprint jewellery made from very fine prints

Small prints can be tricky to work with

Sometimes young babies only have very small print and the lines are not always very defined.  It can be difficult to get these very fine prints into jewellery without losing definition.
I have recently been experimenting with new methods of tranferring your prints from the mould into your chose piece of fingerprint jewellery and I am pleased to say that I have found a way that is giving me consistently great results even with the smallest of prints.

When you place your order for a piece of Silver Fingerprint Jewellery you will be sent a kit which contains a two part putty. The fingerprint is taken into the putty which sets hard when the two parts are mixed to form a solid mould of your baby’s print.  If you can see lines in the mould, they will be visible on the finished piece.

Buy keepsake jewellery suitable for a small print.

Fingerprint jewellery made with small print More information…
Small Baby Fingerprint Jewellery Charm